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Plus l'on est de fous, plus on rit - The more the merrier - Cng dng chng ta cng dzui nhu...

Items in this list have been voluntarily submitted for publication. No one will be listed without his/her express consent.
This list is ordered by year of induction ( for the ladies, year of induction is the year you tied the knot ). If some egos are wounded, please let the webmaster know. It could be reordered, alphabetically for example. This is your speed-dial device: click on the links to email that dude or dudette. To email to several select recipients, just copy your message to the clipboard, click on each address and paste then send, in succession. Make sure your mail software (MS Outlook for ex.)  is properly configured. 

"More" :
if anyone wants to be listed to let people know that he is alive and well somewhere but does not want to post his e-mail, he can provide his info directly to webmaster and instruct him on who, if anyone, can contact him. An asterisk will in this case show in 'More' column but no e-mail address will. People will have to contact the webmaster to obtain it. 
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Traditional name Year Now living in E-Mail More
ang Tien 1960 Orleans, France  Tien.Dang@wanadoo.fr *
Hoang Khai Nguyen (Tournesol) 1960 Sunnyvale, Ca trnesol@yahoo.com *
Nguyen Viet Hng 1960 Walnut, Ca jnguyen586@yahoo.com *
Dao Duy Khiem 1961 Antony, France hakhiemdao@free.fr *
Ng Trung Trong 1961 Vienna, Va trongngo_2000@yahoo.com *
Vo van Ho 1962 Vienna, Va hvo1@aol.com *
Giap Phuc Hai 1963

  Pittsburgh, Pa   

hai7274@aol.com *
Vo van Hoang 1963 Aix en Provence, France hoang.vovan@free.fr *
Ng Phuoc An 1964 Tustin, Ca yhanngo@yahoo.com *
Tran Cong Bao 1964 La Verne, Ca baoctran@yahoo.com *

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Traditional name: Even though some of us may have changed passport names for practical reasons, this list only displays members as originally known and in traditional fashion. This is supposed to help us all recognize old friends but if there are objections, please let the webmaster know a.s.a.p.
Year: This is the year the member was inducted into the Foyer. Remember that silly ceremony ?
More: For obvious reasons, addresses and phone numbers are not listed. An asterisk * shows that the member can be contacted - on a case by case basis, that is. The member in this case would have given said information to the webmaster.
  E-mailing suggestions :
As far as possible, do not include the above e-mail addresses in your mailing lists. Downloading mail that is not intended specifically for oneself is not fun, especially when it contains big attachments. Courtesy suggests you address someone directly. A public board is included in this site for messages you want everybody to read, announcements, news, etc...Send your messages to webmaster for publication. You will not be edited.
Check your computer periodically for current viruses. Your recipients will thank you for it.
Use an imaging software to trim down the size of your graphics if you want to include them as attachment to send.
Advise the webmaster of expired information as soon as possible. Please.
 To post or update your e-mail address: You can contact webmaster directly. Please see the guidelines above and submit as much or as little information as you wish, or fill in the members information form below.

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Submit or update your information so we can put you in the Members List. If you know of other Afar's who are also online, ask them to provide information themselves. Mention our site to them, but do not submit their info. It's up to them. Enter your name in traditional Vietnamese order, ex : Nguyen van Mt. Include .com, .org, .net .... in your e-mail address. Do not give your street address, only city, state or province, country. 

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