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Cogito, ergo sum  Tell us what you think of our web site. We welcome  your comments and suggestions. Heck , we need them bad. 
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Vietnamese fonts: The comments you enter can now be in Vietnamese. They will be displayed as you typed them. You do not need to download or install any particular program or fonts.Just make sure you check the appropriate button ( Telex, VNI or VNQR ) at the bottom before entering text. Typing is simple and does not take a lot more time. See the instructions for more details.

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Nice comments will be posted, unless you say no. Bad critic, insults, anything that starts by the letters d.m., basically all things not nice will be brought to the incinerator behind the villa ông Cha and discarded of. Summarily.

   Instructions: Fill in the fields and click Submit to send your message, email address, announcements to post in the bulletin page etc... Attention: if you do not want your message to be seen by any eyes except the webmasters' click on Do not post before submitting. Once it's gone, it's gone. Your message is instantly posted, click on See all posted messages to see it listed along with the most recent postings. Yours is listed last. Click on Next to scroll. If they are intended for the bulletin board they will be posted there for the relevant time.

Three ways to type in Vietnamese: Telex - this is the archaic way, the way people used to send telegrams in the old country. Ex: " " is entered as  " as ". VNI - many of you should know how already. Ex : " " is typed as " a1" "đ" is " d9 ". VIQR: this is the simplest, easiest and most intuitive standard. Ex: " " is typed as " a' ", "đ" is " dd ". We suggest you use VIQR for fastest input. More in-depth when you click on the help link (Cách đánh tiếng Việt ). Try it now.        

Attention Netscape and AOL jocks: we worked hard and so far have managed to bring to you a professional website experience, but programming it for multiple web browsers is way too expensive for afaronline, although always possible. We need you to switch to Microsoft Internet Explorer after you log in thru AOL or other ISP. Just click on an IE icon anywhere. Otherwise you will miss out on many niceties we have included in this site, such as this ability to type and display Vietnamese fonts. Once again, you do not need to download or install any particular program or fonts. Just click on one of the radio buttons available.

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