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What's new ?

If you are a frequent visitor, and we wish you are, come here first to save time surfing. As a rule of thumb expect new stuff every week or so for now. When things get settled, may be a month. The forum is of course, or should be, teeming with discussions and can have new posts anytime ( ! ) and the bulletin board is a must visit.

Photo album:
 More treasured memories sent to us from the old country. That's right, right out of Saigon. New years have been added and more are added to the existing ones.
Have a looksee.

A newsfeed has been added with the emphasis on Vietnam

A conference room has been added for future scheduled meetings if neccessary. Rendez-vous with a friend for a 1 on 1 chat.

Members list:
The members list has some new faces since June 1, 2001. See if your long lost friend is there.


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Last updated:  September 23, 2001