Welcome home !

The Foyer in cyberspace, at last.  It's been a long time coming but finally, at long last, we can say : "WELCOME, OLD FRIENDS !"
The meeting place on Yen Do street is history, and  we all know in our hearts that there will never be  another grand reunion again. But now on the web  we can get together and hang out   like in the old days, no matter where we live. Life is so full of surprising turns: 25 years ago, on the Alexandre de Rhodes campus this would have sounded like science fiction.
This is home, so come and do as you would a warm Saigon evening in the salle de reunion, or at the bar, or on the white fence by the basketball court. Communicate, teach, learn, share, discuss, quarrel, whatever. Stop by the bulletin board in the corridor. Go read the tableau de présence in the telephone room to see who's home ( remember, turn your name upright when you go out )... Come home to the Foyer. Who knows, out of this web site big things may emerge. Especially if our friends in the old country join in regularly.
And don't let the towering figure on the right intimidate you. He is always vacationing in Canada nowadays. It used to be our dream time, wasn't it. It is now ! Have a good time. Interact. And please, do give us your feedback.
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English is the lingua franca of the Internet. This site is currently in this language only for pratical reasons. We will poll all visitors and determine a common Vietnamese font, democratically. An alternate page will be available in Vietnamese, depending on the demand. Frankly it will be much more fun. A French site can be offered right now if somebody volunteers to translate.  Anywho, please give the VNI font (Internet reader font only, free) a look and let us know (no relation, no financial interest, swear).

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